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On the question, whether Bera is patriot or not, his response is that he is patriot from head to toe. In fact Bera is completely devoted to his country. Even in his Songs , Bera openly expresses that he is ready to do everything in favor of Georgia. Even though, he spent his childhood in Paris and reached the zenith of his success in United States, he always returns back to Georgia and while he is apart from his homeland, he really misses his country. As Bera implies, no matter where he goes, and no matter how comfortable the apartments or hotels are, for him, sweetest place is Tbilisi. Here he feels really at home in his own skin. It’s strange how, with the bunch of work abroad, Bera never stops thinking about Georgia. “When I’m in America, I always have lot of work. In the evening or late at night when I become exhausted and feel that it’s time to relax, my relaxation is thinking about my country, looking at old pictures, remembering sweet memories or calling my relatives. When I do so, my heart is filled with enthusiasm and I remember what I am fighting for. My primary goal is to make my country a better place and this makes me motivated for struggle.” Says Bera in one of the interviews.

Bera is a dreamer. He implies that his career would not be as successful as it is now, if he did not love daydreaming. “I’ve been a dreamer from childhood. Once when I was about to sleep, suddenly I started singing a song Nat King Cole When I Fall In Love I have never herad before. Soon I realized that I myself was composing this song and words came along as I thought about it. As I continued, I imagined how the lyrics of my song popped up in my mind. I became scared that I would forget everything so I quickly jumped from my bad, took a pencil and started writing dawn the lyrics. The strangest thing is, I did not remember the song next day but fortunately I had everything written dawn so as I reread it, I remembered everything and this became extremely successful phenomena in my life. After that I started composing songs not only in my dreams but also in reality. Dreams gave me some kind of push towards future career and gave me a hint that I should lead my life in that particular way. For that I am extremely thankful and I consider that dreams actually have even greater role in our lives than we imagine.

Bera is known at his stage name as Bera. His first song was released at the age of 11 it is a pretty young age for a singer to start a career, which later involved into such a huge success. To evaluate Bera as a person and as a professional, we should consider his past. Every person’s present depends on his or her past and of course Bera is not an exception. Young singer comes from a reach family and it is important that even though he had opportunity to become depended on his family’s wealth and live careless life, Bera chose a tough way. He decided to “ruin” his comfort and focused on a certain goal, which was to use his own abilities and talents in order to become successful person not because of his family’s money, but because of his effort. This action is worth of emphasis because nowadays most teenagers spend all their energy and money on entertainment. Most of them are spoiled and none consider it necessary to think about future plans. It needs certain curage to stand alone facing a goal, which is really difficult and challenging. Also one can never predict an outcome, whether this effort will be repaid or not.

Every person has his or her own ups and downs in their lives. Of course Bera is not a acceptation. There are days in his life, when he simply wants to be alone, isolated from everyone and surrounded with only his thoughts. In those days he likes to sit in his car, with his music on, thinking about all the possible thoughts that bother him. At those days he becomes more relaxed and ready to move forward. “ it is impossible for a person not to stay alone with himself. If not that, more than half of my songs would not be created and I would not reach what I have reached now. Today as I already became who I wanted to, I still like being alone, thinking about my past actions and future plans.” Says Bera in one of his interviews. The biggest strength of Georgian pop star is that even though the road he chose is full of obstacles, still he does everything to overcome every single difficulty and move forward.

Online Flash Gaming Industry

Bloons Tower Self defense is a popular flash 2048 Games Online that has been actually progressing for very some time. The first version became therefore prominent that enthusiasts from the activity began demanding a sequel. Ninja Kiwi, the producer from the favorite game responded. Today, you will find lots of models of the Game, top via 5.

About the Video game

Bloons High Rise Protection possesses you playing Run 3 Krii game as an ape where you must put as many bloons as achievable. Relying on the version you participate in, you are going to either be shooting the bloons down yourself or even putting together high rises where the apes are going to fire the bloons down based upon where you prepared all of them.

There are actually numerous upgrades with different bloon types, other monitors, Special Representative Edifice, Exclusive Objectives and also far more.

Exactly how the Video game is actually Participated in

You will review the basic on-line instructions provided as soon as you decide on which video game you really want to play. You will definitely then put high rises throughout the panel that are liable for obliterating bloons (or balloons). Relying on the mode you pick, you will certainly be actually shooting pushpins, rocks or some various other item to stand out the balloon.

As you gain more places, you possess the capacity to update to better high rises so that you have a much better chance from firing down every one of the . This activity could become quickly addicting due to the wish to come as many bloons as possible.

There are actually several settings that you can easily decide on: newbie, intermediate and also advanced. This are going to establish cubis 2 just what devices you possess as properly as the amount from commands that you possess.

You can regulate the entire with your computer mouse. You will definitely click to either location the towers on the activity board or even you are going to be actually capable to handle your cursor to ignite at the bloons.

Tips & Tricks

The only means to accessibility each one of the unique upgrades of are actually along with even more factors. Spare up your suggest have the capacity to improve to either an improved capturing distance or even to a much better dart. Keep in mind that some bloons are tougher to obliterate compared to others, therefore you will certainly need to have something stronger to pierce the balloon.

Job in the direction of unlocking fast-track setting, which costs 3,000 Ape Money. This will certainly allow you to utilize your bloon coming time much more properly. This will allow you skip earlier rounds and also enter Cycle 26.

Defend the main entrance from the path. This is where you wish to put one of the most apes. Branch all of them along with puncturing darts and long selection darts. As long as the mass from your apes are actually due to the doorway and also no additionally in comparison to the initial turn, after that none of the must have the capacity to surpass.

You might likewise want to conserve for a Super Ape to make sure that you can easily enjoy an even better video game.

Getting going

The web site is actually totally complimentary, permitting you to make an effort every one of the versions of Cube feild Game High rise Defense to view which one you like far better. You don’t need to have any type of special tools or program to conform. Simply open your internet browser, choose which model you wish to play as well as begin seeing the monkeys go to community on the various bloons.

This is just one of the extra important flash game that you will definitely find on the Internet. Some people like Bloons High rise Defense 1 this finest while others like 4 or even 5. You are going to possess to play all of them all in order to make a decision which one you like the most effective.

Once you get conforming, go on as well as “just like” the website as well as portion this along with each one of your close friends. You are going to manage Tunnel Rush game to track your development along with various success as well as levels, permitting you to compare your capabilities to your buddies’ abilities.

Bloons High Rise Protection is actually a prominent flash best free games that has been actually developing for rather some time. The very first model came to be therefore well-known that enthusiasts of the video game started asking for a part two. Today, you are going to locate lots of variations of the Bloons Tower Protection Activity, phoned number one by means of five.

When you decide on which activity you yearn for to participate in, you will definitely check out the easy on the web guidelines offered. You do not need any sort of exclusive equipment or software program to play the Return Man 3 – game.