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Flumo – Air Drying Papier Mache 3.5 Litres

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Miniature Music Box Movement – Smallest in the World! 2.4cm (less than one inch!)

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Barge Cement – All Purpose Cement 2oz (59ml)

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Permastone – 28oz

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Antron Fleece – 1m x 0.72m – 12oz White Undyed

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  • Flumo – Air Drying Papier Mache 3.5 Litres

    Flumo – Air ...

    Sio-2® FLUMO is an air drying casting slip which dries hard and white with no need to fire. It must be used with a plaster mould as it works by absorption. It is suitable for art and crafts, especially for dolls and miniatures and puppets. It is supplied in liquid form which can be coloured with any water based pigment, paint or colouring. Once dry, the clay can be painted or varnished. It can be also polished, carved or drilled. Flumo is non toxic with no harsh odours or fumes and is easy to use and to clear up. Stir …

  • Miniature Music Box Movement – Smallest in the World! 2.4cm (less than one inch!)

    Miniature Music Bo...

    Tiny Musical Movement only 2.4cm long (less than an inch!) 17 Note – Key wound Plays last line of ‘When you wish upon a star’ from Disney’s Pinochio Will repeat line up to 7 times, playing for almost a minute when fully wound Small enough to fit inside a locket! Please contact us if you would like to see a video (with sound) of the movement playing, a delight to watch! Each one is individually made to order with real mechanical revolving drum and pin movement and separate screw on winding key that can be removed so that movement can …

  • Barge Cement – All Purpose Cement 2oz (59ml)

    Barge Cement ̵...

    Good for bonding most rubber compounds and leather, toluene free and waterproof

  • Permastone – 28oz

    Permastone –...

    Just add water and stir PermaStone mixture slowly until the consistency of heavy cream. Will not shatter when dropped. Fractured breaks are easily repaired. Carve and drill will produce crisp edges and a smooth surface. Buff to a high luster or finish with any stain or paint. Exterior grade when sealed. Low exotherm (generates less heat than comparable products). Embed hangers pin backs or magnets in wet mixture 2-3 minutes after pouring. Bisque white color.

  • Antron Fleece – 1m x 0.72m – 12oz White Undyed

    Antron Fleece R...

    Update: 13th February 2014 – We currently have over 12m x 1.44m of Antron Fleece in stock but its selling fast! We aim to always have antron fleece in stock for the convenience of our customers but please contact us if you have a particularly large or urgent order The stuff the muppets were made of! This is 12oz white, undyed antron fleece. The 14oz version is no longer manufactured unfortunately but the 12oz works very well for all purposes. Antron Fleece is a white fleece fabric with a one way stretch that is the exact material used in the …